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QDI USA is a 100% affiliated company of QDI Group in Brazil (, where we develop residential, commercial and hotel properties.

A successful project goes well beyond mixing up architecture, engineering and aesthetic features. We prize long term consistent development over short term opportunities. We believe the comprehensive, in-depth and multidisciplinary management will always succeed over simplistic result oriented approach. If properly managed, hotel are one of the few real estate assets that can produce perpetual growing performance. Not rare to observe 200+ years hotels yielding outstanding returns across the world.

QDI USA has 2 business divisions: Development and Hospitality Management. On the development side, we raise the capital structure, we acquire land or the property, define the product and manage the contractors that will bring such product to life. As a long term asset, the hospitality management division was created to assure our hotels are managed with the same vision and long term approach.

Our presence in US market meets our group desire to move capital to invest and create jobs in a stable, pro-business, innovative yet highly competitive business environment. QDI began to systematic prospect in US soil in 2013, although our first investment took place in Nov/2015 by acquiring Ramada Orlando Near the Convention Center. This represented a huge challenge to transform a declining hotel into a successful, fresh property in one of the primary addresses in Orlando which received 75 million visitors in 2018. After renovating and converting into a Red Roof Plus, the property was sold in Dec/21 to new Owners, generating a substantial return even during the pandemic period.

In 2021, QDI USA opened its 2nd hotel, the SPOT X Hotel Orlando and its extremely proud of the property performance since then.


We can proudly say Central Florida is our home and it is the starting point of many QDI projects to come!

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